TIME 2014

21st International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning - Verona, Italy

Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at TIME2014:
  • Alberto Belussi and Sara Migliorini. A Framework for Managing Temporal Dimensions in Archaeological Data
  • Romeo Rizzi, Roberto Posenato and Carlo Comin. A Tractable Generalization of Simple Temporal Networks and its relation to Mean Payoff Games
  • Carlo A. Furia and Paola Spoletini. Bounded Variability of Metric Temporal Logic
  • Alessandro CimattiLuke HunsbergerAndrea MicheliRoberto Posenato and Marco RoveriSound-and-Complete Algorithms for Checking the Dynamic Controllability of Temporal Networks with Uncertainty, Disjunction and Observation
  • John Mccabe-Dansted and Mark ReynoldsEXPTIME Fairness with Bundled CTL
  • John Mccabe-Dansted and Mark ReynoldsVerification of Rewrite Rules for Computation Tree Logics
  • Pietro SalaApproximate Interval-based Temporal Dependencies: the Complexity Landscape
  • Fabio Grandi. Lean index structures for snapshot access in transaction-time databases
  • Alejandro Sanchez and Cesar SanchezParametrized Verification Diagrams
  • Angelo Montanari, Marco Pazzaglia and Pietro SalaMetric Propositional Neighborhood Logic with an Equivalence Relation
  • Angelo MontanariAniello MuranoGiuseppe Perelli and Adriano PeronChecking Interval Properties of Computations
  • Marta Cialdea, Andrea Orlandini and Alessandro Umbrico. A formal account of planning with flexible timelines
  • Khushraj Madnani, Krishna S and Paritosh Pandya. Partially Punctual Metric Temporal Logic is Decidable
  • Mikael Nilsson, Jonas Kvarnström and Patrick Doherty. Incremental Dynamic Controllability in Cubic Worst-Case Time
  • Zouhaier Brahmia, Fabio Grandi, Barbara Oliboni and Rafik Bouaziz. High-level Operations for Creation and Maintenance of Temporal and Conventional Schema in the tauXSchema Framework
  • Ines Zouari, Faiza Ghozzi and Rafik Bouaziz. Summarizability in Multiversion Data Warehouse
  • Anshul Gupta and Sven ScheweQuantitative Verification in Rational Environments
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